It looks like federal regulation may make its way into your workshop.

Last month the National Consumers League brought “unsafe” table saws to the attention of lawmakers and regulators in Washington in an effort to push an agenda that would see safety equipment like the SawStop — shown in the video above — a mandatory requirement on all table saws.

Representatives of table saw manufacturers oppose any new regulation, arguing that technology like the SawStop is available to consumers who want to buy it and the choice should be left up to them.

“Safety doesn’t sell,” said SawStop inventor Steve Gass in a recent interview with NPR’s Chris Arnold in a Weekend Edition story on the subject.

According to Arnold, regulators in Washington have stated that by the end of September they will have a draft of new safety requirements for table saws. Which will no doubt drive up the cost of this crucial woodworking tool.

Where do you stand on the subject? Should SawStop technology be mandatory on table saws?