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To kick off this much-anticipated 5th season, Tommy brings in Paul Wahlberg of Wahlburgers fame for Episode 01. Their mission? Build an outdoor prep station for Paul’s harbor side restaurant in Hingham, MA, called Alma Nove. Turns out Paul can work the bench almost as good as he does the grill.

Although this particular piece will be used in a commercial setting, the prep station is perfectly suitable for residential application. Indeed, residential outdoor cooking and outdoor kitchens are on the rise, so the patio prep station makes for a classy entree into the ranks of outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

For this particular project, Tommy and Paul chose solid white oak so the piece would stand up to the harsh New England outdoor environment. If you’re looking to build a similar prep station at home, there are a number of equally hardy woods you can choose from, including:

  • Western red cedar
  • mahogany
  • cypress
  • redwood
  • teak

You might also consider a solid composite option as well. Of course no wood is going to be completely resistant to rotting and/or insect damage, but the above species are particularly resistant and, given proper attention and maintenance, should last for many years.

Project Details

Materials (rough cut)

1 1/4″ x 10″ x 8′ (8 pieces)
1″ x 10″ x 8′ (6 pieces)

Key Techniques Used

  • Stop Dados
  • Rabbets

Key Features

Casters. The Patio Prep Station has four casters attached to the bottom so Paul and his staff can wheel it around to adapt to the ever-changing configurations on his restaurant’s patio.
Soft-close door glides. Paul was particular about using soft close glides, since the Prep Station was going to be on a patio filled with customers and quiet operation was crucial.


Paul and Tommy used multiple coats of spar varnish, hitting the station with 220 sand paper in between coats.

Watch the teaser for the Patio Prep Station and be sure to use the Station Finder to find out when the episode airs in your area!