It seems you can’t walk into tool land at your local home center without multiple laser beams guiding you on a straight path to the checkout counter. Some laser products are gimmicky, while others are a true enhancement. If your old workhorse-of-a-miter saw still cuts true but your eyes are not what they used to be, retrofitting a laser guideline is a great idea. Irwin’s new miter saw laser guide sits flush against the saw blade for an accurate line. The guide has an automatic on/off switch that is activated when the saw spins at over 400 RPMs, projecting a visible red laser line just to the left of the cut. The laser guide fits all 8 ¼“, 8 ½”, 10” and 12” miter saws, with the exception of Bosch, Ridgid, and Protech. Expect to pay under $30.