I’m a big fan of the Hollywood secret passageway. You know what I’m talking about—the bookshelf that opens with the tug of a book to reveal a dark hallway, or the revolving fireplace operated by a candlestick lever. Batman, Indiana Jones, Me… I used to think only old mansions or castles played home to such mysterious delights, but it turns out my house could have them, too! Creative Home Engineering is turning childhood, movie-inspired dreams into reality with secret passageways that double as safe zones. For $10,000, the company will install your ideal secret passage or hidden doorway into the home (DIY kits are available for as little as $1500). Granted $10K may be a lot to spend for a game of superhero, but there are serious real-life advantages to hidden rooms. Family valuables can be stored away—after all, a burglar can’t burgle a room that can’t be found. And whatever is important enough to hide away in a secret room or hidden niche is going to stay hidden, too, with safety and security options ranging from optical and thermal sensors to fingerprint scanners. So go ahead and turn your home into that house from Clue. Just think of the advantage your kids will have when playing hide-and-seek!

Credit: Uncrate

Creative Home Engineering