Kitchen? Entertainment center? Kitchen? A prep sink at the kitchen island may seem a waste of serving/entertaining space, but some see it differently. Take this trough sink by Kohler—dueling faucets on either end of the sink double the opportunity for guests to prep alongside the host while the party continues around the island. Fill the sink with ice and you have yourself a classy well in which to chill beverages or appetizer cocktails. Personally, I’m a fan of taking guests up on the “How can I help” offer and putting them to work—an additional prep sink in the island ensures that the enlisted workforce won’t compete for space with the Head Chef. Costs will vary for the island sink (Kohler’s runs for around $1100), and new designs and concepts emerge regularly. If you’re remodeling the kitchen or building new, don’t overlook the possibility of a prep or bar sink in the island. Partying and chopping never looked so good together.

Credit: Trendir