Skylights have become pretty popular lately, especially in the new builds. I even considered installing a few in my house, until I remembered how much I hate the sun before 8 a.m. That’s the downside to skylights—the lack of control over what comes in and when. VELUX has a new option that changes the equation—their SageGlass switchable skylights. Using electromagnetic glazing, these new windows are capable of darkening and lightening in just minutes. The process uses a small electrical current to control the gradation, and in full block mode they can reduce up to 77 percent of your solar heat gain. That means a nice savings on cooling costs come summer. And, before you ask, a house full of these windows could operate on the same amount of energy as a single 40-watt bulb. Available this spring. Looks like I might be rethinking my project list.

editor’s note: BVC has been cheering for SageGlass for years! We’re glad to see this technology in a window that finally brings it all home. Read more.

Credit: Electronic House