An earlier blog entry highlighted a ventless, portable fireplace that burned gel for fuel. I’ve found a similar product, but this one appears to go the distance to reassure someone like me that a portable, ventless fireplace can be environmentally friendly and safe for indoor air quality, too. The EcoSmart Fireplace from Casamonte claims to produce negligible emissions, largely due to the fact that it burns denatured ethanol, a renewable energy source. When denatured ethanol is burned, it produces heat, steam, and carbon dioxide. The flue-less/ventless unit does not require installation and can be placed anywhere in the home. I should note that Casamonte recommends leaving doors ajar if the EcoSmart is placed in a room with limited air supply, mainly to provide a healthy supply of oxygen to the flame. I would feel much better using a ventless fireplace that burns ethanol, since it’s a clean-burning fuel. There are a number of styles available, too. The newest, the Cube (pictured), sells for $5,775. A pretty penny, to be sure, but you’ll be getting an environmentally friendly, room-heating fireplace with placement flexibility. That’s worth a nod from this fireplace fan.