With a name like Quatro Cooling Convertible Refrigerator, I don’t know if Samsung is selling me a fridge or a car. After all, it does have four doors—two doors and two drawers—that open to four separate compartments, each with its own evaporator, fan, and temperature setting that adjusts with the push of a button. The power freeze and power cool, Artic Select and Fresh Select zones, and a child lock are all button activated. Show me an Audi that can do THAT! (Okay, Audi probably has a child lock…) I may not be a food-preservation expert, but I do know that different foods keep longest at different temperatures, so the Quatro should cut down on food spoilage—if the food storers know which foods go where. A built-in door alarm sounds when a drawer or door is left open, so make sure to shut it tight if you sneak a midnight snack. The Quatro retails for $2,900.