Biometric technologies have long been the stuff of government agencies, spy games, and movies in the James Bond vein. In a move to further biometrics’ jump into affordable residential application, Tychi Systems of New Hampshire introduced the BioKnob, the first ever doorknob with fingerprint recognition capabilities. Authorized users need only brush their fingers across the knob to unlock the door. Up to 100 prints can be stored, and short-term visitors can be granted access for the duration of their stay. The BioKnob will also record the time and date of the last 1000 uses, so a homeowner can track the comings and goings of family members and friends—no more “what time did you get home last night?” The BioKnob is powered by rechargeable batteries that sound an alert when power is low. Murphy’s Law would have the battery running out when access is most needed, but a 1000-use battery life should assuage such fears. Priced at around $650, the BioKnob is a bit expensive, but the idea of never having to worry about lost keys might be worth it to some. Not to mention that the gadget elevates the homestead closer to “Bureau” or “Agency” status.

Credit: Giznews

Tychi Systems