Anytime NASA technology can affordably make its way into the home, I am in favor of it. The AeroGarden from AeroGrow International is no exception. Using the NASA-tested science of aeroponics (whereby plants are grown in air, as opposed to soil or water), the AeroGarden is essentially a fully automated personal greenhouse that can sit on the kitchen countertop and is guaranteed to produce a harvest after 28 days of growing. No dirt, weeds, pesticides, or mess. Just tasty salad greens, cherry tomatoes, herbs, flowers, and a variety of other vegetables and plants for your eating or decorating pleasure. Essentially the plants are grown in a mixture of water, nutrients, and air—all regulated by an automated microprocessor that automatically adjusts nutrient levels, lighting, and water flow. At only $150, who wouldn’t want one? Coming next: The Zero Gravity Kitchen.

Credit: The Green Head