Just how many ways can water be improved? Plenty, apparently, and Jupiter Science just found another. The Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer is the first water ionizer in the world to have BioStone/Tourmaline, which generates negative ions in the water. When we drink this water, the negative ions assist and increase our body’s metabolism, enhance blood circulation, and even help fight skin disease. Talk about Super Water! Tourmaline, a semi-precious gem, is also the only non-manufactured source of negative ions and far infrared rays (FIRs). A Tourmaline filter has anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects, and reduces water clustering so that water enters cells more readily, detoxifying and hydrating them inside and out. Fresh water might be decreasing on our planet, but at least you can turn what’s left into something that could replace Popeye’s spinach. Retails for $975.

Credit: The Red Ferret Journal

Jupiter Science