The cooks are in the kitchen at Caldera, showing the engineers what a chef craves when it comes to gas-fired cooking. Caldera’s new Arrow Series gas cooktops have electronic touch controls that provide 21 preset flame settings for each of five burners. This precision control means cooks can direct their flames without having to peer under the pan—everything from searing to sauces with precision control. Caldera cooktops also feature special simmer settings that cycle through a series of flame configurations to eliminate hot spots so sauces and melted chocolates stay warm without scorching. The cooktop is sleek and easy-to-clean, made of stainless steel or ceramic glass with no knobs or stems to clean around, and enameled grates that are continuous across the face so that pans can slide where you want them. Caldera’s even eliminated the tell-tale clicking of a burner under ignition—nothing but the gentle swoosh of flame on demand. It’s a beautiful thing. Suggested retail price, $1,995.