Termites are high on the list of Insects We Could Do Without. I’d even put them above mosquitoes, primarily due to the damage costs incurred yearly by homeowners nationwide. Termite control is an industry unto itself, and it continually sees new products and means to detect, deter, and destroy these pesky critters. The Green Eye Termite Alert is a monitoring station that can be installed inside or outside the home. It uses cellulose as a food, and that cellulose is attached to a gravity stick. When termites feed on the cellulose in the device, the gravity stick drops, causing the color to change from green to a black or gray. Termite detection will no longer require bending over a monitoring station and fussing or fuddling with bait or parts. A simple glance at the station will do. The Termite Alert for outdoor applications costs a mere $4, and the indoor monitor just $8. At those prices, I don’t know why you wouldn’t line the entire perimeter of the home with these termite sentries. Available online for order and delivery.

Green Eye Alert