This is one for the kitchen that already has everything. It’s the Anti-Griddle from PolyScience, and it is used to quickly freeze foods placed on its surface. The griddle stays at -30º F, and will almost instantly freeze sauces, creams, and other foods that you might want in a solid, frozen state. You can also use it to freeze the outer surface of certain deserts, creating that tantalizing crunchy shell/creamy middle effect. I can definitely see its uses, though I imagine such an appliance will be left for the serious chef who has a comprehensive kitchen and hosts a lot of dinner parties. I know if I had one of these, I’d be doing more mad science than gourmet food preparation. The Anti-Griddle has a price tag of $845, which pretty much guarantees it will be used in a grown-up kitchen. Still, I think kids should keep their fingers far, far away.

Credit: The Food Geek