No, we’re not talking about sending the family goldfish to that big aquarium in the sky. We’re talking about a toilet that doubles as an aquarium. The Fishn’Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium Kit, by Aquaone, is a clear tank aquarium that can be fitted to just about any two-piece toilet. It’s really two tanks in one. A clear external tank holds the fish and aquarium extras (gravel, flora, etc.), and the internal fixed PVC tank that holds the working mechanisms of the toilet itself. The unit comes with a pump, gravel filter, flush and fill valves, LED light fixtures, and a few aquarium necessities, including two artificial plants, a water conditioner, and an aquarium guide. The true entertainment comes when you flush the thing. The sudden drop in water level makes the fish appear to be jumping into the air. The kids will love this one. When it’s time to change the water, the external aquarium tank slides off easily. List price is $399, but the Fishn’Flush won’t be available until June of 2006. My only concern? Water waste due to over flushing by excited kids (and their kid-like parents).