I am a grilling fiend, and here in Vermont we’ve come upon the real grilling season, which means I’m burning through propane like a Hummer burns petrol. Though I love my grill, I am also like any flame-loving male—I love checking out other grills, especially new models. The Fuego 01 is an outdoor grill like no other. Capable of cooking with propane, charcoal, or radiant infrared technology, the Fuego 01 also features electric controls and a real-time surface temperature thermostat that is embedded in the cooking surface. An LED temperature indicator and built-in cooking timer, a fully retractable lid, cleverly concealed storage options, and hidden and lockable swivel castor wheels add to the package. For the urban setting or small balcony situation, a smaller (30 in.) Fuego 02 model is also available. Fuego will begin shipping its products into North America in October of 2006, so get those tongs ready.

Credit: Appliancist