I love to see products that snub the grid. The Solar Star from Solatube is a solar-powered attic fan that installs in 30 minutes and requires no wiring, no electrician, and no dependence on a thermostat. This “run on the sun” unit battles the heat and moisture that can accumulate and become every attic’s nightmare. Where most attic ventilators are hooked into a thermostat or humidistat and only activate when temperatures or humidity reach a critical level, the Solar Star runs from sunup to sundown, keeping the attic cool and dry at all times. You see, when an attic starts to store heat, it can transfer that heat to the living spaces below, which drives utility costs through the roof (pun intended). The Solar Star saves money two ways—by running off solar energy and by keeping the attic from storing heat. The Solar Star comes in low-profile, pitched, or high-profile vent styles, and can also be set up in a gable fan design. With a price tag of around $320, this is a must-consider for your attic ventilating needs. Down with electricity bills!