I’ll be honest—I’m not a HUGE proponent of tanning, unless it’s done naturally, and even then I have my reservations. A tan looks nice and all, but it is FAR from necessary. That said, there are those who do enjoy year-round bronze bodies, and they will probably love Idrolux’s new shower with built-in tanning lamps. In addition to nice shower features (including a dual-function shower head, a hydro-massage option, and responsive mixing tap control), the Idrolux has 100/160-watt UV tanning lamps. Buyers can choose 12, 16, or 24-tube lamps. Tanning functions are operated by the touch of a remote control (ok, that part is pretty cool), and tanners can design their own tanning and shower experience. With a starting list price of $21,000, the Idrolux is not for the shallow-pocketed. The company does offer a retrofit option—called the Melody—where tanning panels can be added to an existing shower. That might be a better solution for some. Hey, with this season’s record rains in the Northeast, it’s looking like a viable option.

Credit: Home Tone

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