If I were stranded on a kitchen island and I could only have one thing, I might choose a suspended seating system by Seating Innovations. While a standard bar stool or island chair might do it for some, I’m taken by SI’s adjustable arm and seat stops, the chair return design that brings an empty chair back to a resting position, and the heavy-duty steel components that will hold up to 500 lb. loads (for when I get fat off of appetizers and finger foods). There is one “secret” I should let you in on—the system does not actually hang from the counter top. In fact, there is no required modification to cabinetry or countertop to install the system. The system is freestanding and mounts to the floor via a cantilevered frame that is usually concealed behind finish paneling and underneath footrests. A suspended system makes cleaning the floor a breeze, and will keep the kitchen floor scratch-free and the countertop safe from chair collisions. Pricing can vary widely depending on style, number of chairs, etc., but the company claims costs comparable to standard seating/chairs. They also have work desk and dining table suspended seating solutions, as well. Cool!

Seating Innovations