I liken finding a good contractor to finding a good mechanic. You want someone you can trust, someone dependable, and someone who isn’t going to take you for all you’re worth. Easier said than done. Thankfully there are resources available—helpful hints and tips that homeowners (and would-be homeowners) would do well to catch up on before taking that plunge. Some come by way of book, like this one, called How to Find a Good Contractor (and end up happy with the job).” Taking advantage of our technological age, author Brian Zavitz elected to offer this one as an e-book, and it’s available for download on his website (see below). Whether looking to hire a contractor for basic repair, renovation, or new construction, Zavitz’s work extends valuable step-by-step advice on every aspect of contractor-homeowner relations—from locating and hiring to overseeing the work to assure a job done well. Available for $16.95 in PDF format.

How to Find a Good Contractor