Summertime means summer projects, and one popular summertime project is the house deck. But befoe you pour those footings, think again. As an alternative to wooden posts or concrete footings, Redi-footing offers prefabricated plastic footings suitable for deck application. I know what you’re thinking, and I had the same thought—how can plastic footings support my deck? It turns out the Redi-footings have a compressive strength of 3821 psi and a total load capacity of 10,500 lbs. With support ability like that, these footings make a lot of sense. Wood can rot over time and become food for termites, while concrete footings are a hassle to pour and set back installation time while drying. To install Redi-footings, all you need to do is dig a hole, set the footing, backfill, and continue deck installation. One consideration—Redi-footings are code approved in Rhode Island, where the company is based, but homeowners outside of RI should check their local codes to make sure Redi-footings are acceptable. One footing (which includes a base, a cap, and hardware) costs $31.95. Deck size will determine the number of footings required. Available now.