I love nighttime lighting, especially outdoors. I would love to create a nightscape with lights twinkling, glowing, or swaying along landscaped paths. Then again, I worry about Dark Sky lighting. Shouldn’t it be compatible with nature? I surely don’t want to brighten the skyline, confuse wildlife, or create light pollution. So, I constantly check out lighting schemes. That’s why I jumped when I saw Night Orbs. They are hand-blown glass spheres that meld color and light, like magical woodland sprites. They come on pedestals that provide power and stability. The pedestals are at varying heights so the Night Orbs can be dotted at random levels throughout the landscape. They can even be used in the pool. This is very cool. Granted, it’s a little pricey, with smaller orbs starting at $400 and larger ones running around $1,300. This is art, though, with Philadelphia’s LaSorgente glass-blowing artists behind each and every creation. Available through the studio.

Credit: Luxury Housing Trends

Night Orbs