Here’s another cool new tool to add to the workshop collection. Technically a power tool, this battery-powered Auto Wrench from Black & Decker automatically adjusts with the touch of a button. Adding it to your workshop can eliminate the need for up to 50 standard and metric wrenches. The Auto Wrench has an extra-wide opening that can wrap around nuts and bolts up to 1-1/4 inches and a maximum 220 feet per pound of torque to see even the heaviest-duty jobs completed with ease. Two AAA batteries is all it takes to get this baby running—and the company claims a battery lifespan of 650 cycles, so your Auto Wrench won’t up and quit on you when you need it most. Hey, that assembly job is hard enough. Why use a wrench that will only make it harder? Costs about $30. Available now.

Black & Decker