Need to feed an army or wish you could? Well, this fridge is for you. Responding to American demand for the ever bigger, GE is now offering their Monogram series 36-inch and a whopping 72-inch refrigerator/freezer combination. The freezer is on the bottom with a fully extendable pull-out drawer. The main fridge has cooler compartments with split drawers, adjustable bins in the doors, and split shelves for accommodating all your grocery needs. Why the big fridge? GE cites the American Association of Architects findings that American kitchens are still growing and appliances are growing with them. Ovens have become larger, so now it’s the refrigerator’s turn. Made of stainless steel with chamfered or fluted edges, this is serious wall art. Called a professional refrigerator, the 36-inch model is expected to sell for between $6,799 and $6,999. The 72-inch model will cost between $13,999 and $14,499. The Monogram is due out in August.