We did an entry a couple months ago about a do-it-yourself solar panel that was created by the good people at The Sietch, an online community of green-thinking go-getters. Another of their clever creations—the Solar Oven—uses wood, a junkyard panel of glass, cardboard, mirrors, and duct tape to create a 14” x 26” x 17” box that catches the sun’s rays and can heat up to 275° F. They claim it can go from ambient temperature to 120° F in 10 minutes, and all you need is a day that stays sunny for 20 minutes of every hour. Sorry, Seattle… Check out their website to get the step-by-step how-to’s, and then go build one yourself! I don’t recommend leaving a cooking chicken unattended—especially if you live in a dog-friendly community.

The Sietch