You shopped ‘til you dropped on “Black Friday,” and web surfed on “Cyber Monday” ‘til your fingers hurt, but still need holiday gift ideas? These nifty gifts are useful all year long:

NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio—A must-have item, these handy little radios broadcast warning information for all hazards that may affect your community.

Solar Battery Charger and Rechargeable Batteries—A great way to be sure you’re ready in case of disaster or whenever you need batteries.

First Aid Kit—Another must-have item, it’s wise to keep one in each of your cars as well as in your home.

Hand Crank Radio—Just turn the handle and you’ve got power for the radio, and it will even charge your cell phone!

Quick Drying, Moisture-Wicking Clothing—Should the electricity go out for several days, you will be glad to have clothes you can rinse in the sink and hang up for quick drying. Outdoorsy types will especially love these for getting out in nature. Find stores that sell these items through a quick Google search.

Federal Alliance for Safe Homes – FLASH, Inc.