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Use safety brackets to secure heavy furniture to the wall and prevent accidental injury to children.


Before you drill, make sure there are no electrical wires or plumbing behind the wall. Follow safety precautions by wearing safety goggles and a dust mask when disturbing walls. This information is offered only as a guideline. Always follow the instructions that came with your safety brackets.


– Drill
– Furniture safety brackets
– Stud finder
– Wire clippers

Step 1: How Safety Brackets Work

Most safety brackets have three parts. One part attaches to the wall, one that attaches to the furniture, and a third piece to hold the brackets together.

Safety brackets have three parts.

Step 2: Mark a Spot for the Safety Bracket

Mark the position of the furniture on the wall and look for the nearest stud. Safety brackets should only be screwed into the wooden wall studs behind the wallboard.

Determine where the bracket should go on the wall.

Step 3: Find a wall stud before you attach the bracket.

You can find wall studs by using a stud finder or by locating the nail depressions in baseboards or ceiling moldings where they have been tacked to the stud. Studs are typically spaced every 16 inches.

A stud finder will light up as it passes over a concealed stud.

Step 4: Mark before drilling

Mark the spot on the wall that is in line with the stud and at the right height for the furniture.

Mark the wall at the stud before you drill.

Step 5: Drilling pilot holes

Select a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screw for the bracket and drill pilot holes to follow when attaching the bracket.

Drill pilot holes before you attach the screws.

Step 6: Attach the wall bracket

Use an electric screwdriver to drive the screws through the bracket and attach it to the wall.

Use screws to attach the bracket to the wall.

Step 7: Attach bracket to furniture

Decide where you want the furniture to meet the wall and align the second bracket to meet the first. Attach the second bracket to the piece of furniture using the screws provided. Align the two brackets and lace the detachable security strap through the brackets.

Attach the second bracket to the furniture and lace the security strap through each piece.

Step 8: Secure the furniture and trim the strap

Feed the safety strap through each of the brackets and pull it tight to secure the piece of furniture to the wall. Trim the excess strap with wire cutters.

Pull strap and trim with wire cutters.