The Nelson Marshmallow Sofa is not a piece of furniture that is easy to forget. Much like an odometer, it goes so far into the ugly range that it starts to turn over into the classic range. Yesterday I was flipping through a catalog of (what I thought) were the latest designs until I came across a photo of the sofa I used to refer to as “the polka dot couch.” The photo triggered a flood of memories—my grandparents had this couch in their living room. The Marshmallow Sofa was created in 1956 and I had thought was no longer being made. But a good, or distinctive, design does not die. The San Francisco based company Designs Within Reach (DWR) takes classic designs and manufactures them for the present day. You don’t need to collect expensive antique pieces any more. Not sure if I would recommend the Marshmallow Sofa for your living room, but DWR’s catalog is worth a look if you are interested in an illustrated history of furniture design.

Designs Within Reach