We all know the type – the kid who will not stop playing rhythms on pots and pans or can’t keep their hands off the family piano. Just about every musician I know was this type of kid, maybe you’ve got one yourself. If you are looking to encourage and develop your child’s interest in music or you love playing music yourself, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful wood furniture from Musical Furnishings- the only furniture I know of that doubles as a musical instrument. Artist Tor Clausen has been building this patented musical furniture since 1996 when he found himself banging out musical tones on an otherwise unremarkable picnic table in South Dakota. He offers a range of designs including coffee tables, chests, kids furniture, porch swings, and garden benches. Most follow a xylophone model, but one drum table includes a tongue drum, metal chimes, and a cymbal. Many of the products listed on the website include sound samples so you can hear how the piece sounds. As beautiful as these pieces are, they are also built to be strong, spill resistant, and perfectly functional furniture. Clausen’s shop is located in Olympia, Washington, but he ships to just about everywhere in the U.S.

Musical Furnishings