The Aquacentre workstation from Julien aims to take some of the stress out of kitchen design with its all-in-one customizable workstation. The Aquacentre can be built-in or installed in a kitchen island and anchored to the floor or the wall. The Aquacentre comes with some handy accessories, including a colander, bottom grid, cutting board, drawer dividers, and a drain. It is compatible with most hidden-control dishwashers and garbage disposals, so these add-ons will fit snugly into your Aquacentre—no matter where you choose to put it. The Aquacentre can be configured to allow for different dishwasher placement, sink styles, and accessory sizes. Stainless-steel doors and side panels can be replaced with wood to complement an existing kitchen décor. Costs just over $10,000. Available now.