It’s not often you find a lawn-care product that can terrify the neighbors, but the Mow-Aerator aims to turn your lawnmower into a fierce lawn-aerating machine. Okay, for those in suburbia it’s kind of like painting flames on a station wagon, but the effect is worth it. The Mow-Aerator is a lawn-aerating device intended to aerate your lawn every time you mow. It attaches to the back wheels of a rider mower with 15 brackets holding one and a half-inch spikes that punch holes in the turf as you mow. Aerating your lawn is the best way to get food, water, and air to the roots of the lawn. Unfortunately, most homeowners only do it once per season—if at all—leaving huge dirt plugs on the surface of the grass. The Mow-Aerator eliminates the huge plugs and gives your lawn deep-breathing therapy every time you mow. I think it’s a great idea, but I would take special care around dogs and little children—these spikes look scary. The Mow-Aerator is not yet available for purchase, but you can sign up on their website to receive product information and purchase updates.