I dread each time my wife says, “I think we need to rearrange this room.” I have experience in this area and know all too well we’ll spend lots of time moving furniture into place only to move the same pieces back when we find they don’t fit. I understand my wife’s need to be creative, but I wish it didn’t take such a toll on my back. Enter the Floorplanner—a website that allows users to draw detailed floor plans to scale. Registration is free and lets you draw, manipulate, save, and share floor plans. Imagine how much this tool will help the next time you find a house but wonder if you can live in it! The free software is flexible enough for Joes like me, but upgrades to the Pro version are available for power users like real estate professionals, interior designers, and developers. This is a great tool for visualizing your living space, even if you have no plans to move your family or the sofa.