If you want to keep a clean house, the key is to do small stuff on a daily basis. At least, that’s what my wife tells me. Now CNN Living has put together a checklist for keeping your home clean in under 20 minutes a day. Okay, this smacks of “efficiency expert meets domestic challenge” so it’s a pretty good bet the author succeeds at this task. But check it out: The list estimates it will take four and a half minutes to clean the kitchen, two minutes for the bathroom, six and a half minutes for the bedroom, and six minutes for the family room and foyer. Granted, those estimates might take longer if you’ve got a big home—vacuuming the kitchen floor in two minutes seems a bit optimistic to me. But over the course of the week, small tasks like wiping the bathroom mirror, making the bed, and folding the clothes add up to an immaculate home. The message is not to clean the entire house at once, but to do it in bits. So try it—follow the checklist and your wife will thank you.

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