There are those who jump awake at the slightest noise—me!—and those who can sleep through anything—my husband and son. Well, what a relief to a sound-sleeping family in Muncie, Ind., when their parrot imitated a smoke alarm last Friday night, waking them from a sound sleep and saving them from a burning house. The father and son had fallen asleep on the couch while watching a movie and didn’t hear the smoke alarms that were sounding as the kitchen, dining room and bedroom burned. The parrot screamed until his owners woke up, grabbed him and exited the burning home. Homeowner Shannon Conwell said that he probably wouldn’t have heard the alarm if he’d been in his room because he has a closed door and machines that muffle sound. He’s grateful to a Friday night movie and his faithful parrot for saving the two of them. The lesson: Teach your parrot to sound the alarm and put a smoke alarm in every bedroom.

Parrot Imitates Alarm