For those decorating your house this Halloween, you’ve got a big act to top. The Pruitt House in Griffin, Ga., may be the best of the best. It’s rigged with 14,000 lights all manually synchronized to Halloween-themed music. According to homeowner Joey Pruitt, the lights took about three days to set up and each song, five in all, took about eight hours to synchronize with the lights. Best of all, it’s for a good cause; an on-site donation drop box allows passersby to donate money to The Angel Tree Kids Project, which provides Christmas gifts to needy children. You can also donate online.

So far the neighbors have been supportive of the Halloween House and the Pruitts’ electric bill has not been unreasonably high. Because just 25% of the lights are on at a time, the electric bill only went up around $20 last year, according to Pruitt.

You can view the presentation from last year online. Pruitt is hoping to record this year’s version and post it online in time for Halloween day.

Pruitt Halloween House 2006