Looking for a good workout this winter? Nothing beats shoveling snow. And with snow now upon us here in Boston, it’s time to talk about the latest shovel technology. The three things to consider when buying a snow shovel are the blade, handle and the grip. When selecting a blade, consider if you want to push snow or lift it. Some blades are almost flat for pushing snow while others are more curved from bottom to top to assist lifting. Handles come in a variety of shapes with newer versions having a wave-like bend that helps to distribute the weight and make lifting snow easier on the back (that one is music to my ears). When looking at the grip of the shovel, remember you will likely be wearing winter gloves when you use it so make sure it is extra-large. You might think it’s impossible to apply advanced research into a snow shovel’s grip but Ames True Temper has developed a grip called VersaGrip™, which can support more hand positions than any other shovel on the market, according to the manufacturer. Its patented styling is also specially designed to reduce hand fatigue. Both the Penguin Combo Shovel/Pusher and the Ames True Temper Snow Blazer 2 have a patented VersaGrip™ and are available for purchase from Lowe’s.

Ames True Temper