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High-efficiency showerheads can provide greater pressure with less water usage.


Be sure the water to the showerhead is shut off before replacing.


– Adjustable wrench
– Collar
– Plumber’s strap or tape
– Plumber’s wrench
– Shower head
– Shower stem
– Slip joint pliers
– Strap wrench

Step 1: Remove the old showerhead.

To remove the old showerhead, you may need to use a strap wrench or an adjustable wrench. If the neck of the old showerhead is round, slide a strap wrench around the neck, tighten the strap and turn counterclockwise to loosen and remove the showerhead. For a square neck, tighten an adjustable wrench around the neck and turn counterclockwise. Remove any traces of plumber’s tape or sealant from the threads of the stem.
Use a strap wrench for round showerheads.

Step 2: Remove the old shower stem.

If the old shower stem is corroded or pitted, now might be a good time to replace it as well. To do so, slide the chrome collar off the stem. Use a plumber’s wrench to gently but firmly turn the stem counterclockwise. When it is loose enough, finish unscrewing by hand.
Unscrew the shower stem with a plumber’s wrench.

Step 3: Prepare and install the new shower stem.

Wrap two layers of plumber’s tape around the threads of the new shower stem. Screw the new shower stem in place by hand. Snug the shower stem to the correct position with a plumber’s wrench. You can cover the jaws of the wrench with plumbing tape to avoid marring the surface of the new stem. Slide a new chrome collar onto the stem and against the wall.
Wrap plumber’s tape clockwise around the shower stem threads.

Step 4: Prepare and install the new showerhead.

With the new or existing shower stem in place, tightly wrap two layers of plumber’s tape around the exposed threads. Wrap the tape clockwise. Hand-tighten the new showerhead into place onto the shower stem. Use a pair of slip-joint pliers to snug up the connection. Slowly turn on the water to the showerhead to check for leaking connections. Your new energy-efficient showerhead is ready for use.
Use slip-joint pliers to snug up the new showerhead connection.