Difficulty: 1 of 5


Installing storm windows in a double-track combination window will require a little more work than a triple-track window.


Always handle glass window units with care.


– Glass cleaner
– Lubricant

Step 1: Remove the screen window.

If the combination window is a double-track window, the summer screens will need to be removed. To do this, slide the front screen down. Hold the tab-locks in and swing the lower part of the screen out and away from the channel. As you lower the top half of the screen, rotate it so one top corner drops lower than the other. This will free the upper guide pin from the channel, allowing you to work the screen past the trim and into the room. Use a lubricant on the channels if necessary.
Lower and rotate the top half of the screen to pull it free from the channel.

Step 2: Install the upper storm window.

Use glass cleaner to clean the storm window glass. Slide the upper storm window into the rear window channel first. Slide it in at a diagonal, and make sure the upper guide pin is inserted in the channel. Slide the upper window up fully until the tab-locks are released into the notch in the channel.
When both guide pins are in the rear channel, slide the upper window up.

Step 3: Install the lower storm window.

Clean the lower storm window glass with cleaner. Slide the lower window into the front channel in the same manner as you installed the upper glass window. Inserting at an angle will allow you to easily insert the guide pin into the channel.
Lower the lower storm window into place.

Step 4: Triple-track combination window.

Triple-track combination windows are designed to allow for permanent installation of the screen windows and the storm windows. When one is not in use, it remains up. To change over in preparation for winter, simply raise the screen up and lower the storm window down.
In a triple-track combination window, raise the screen up and lower the storm window down.

Step 5: Keep the windows lubricated.

Use an aerosol lubricant to spray the channels and tab-locks every season. This will allow the units to raise and lower easily.
Use an aerosol lubricant on the tab-locks.