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Replacing an old filter can save as much as 5 percent on your heating costs.


Always refer to the instructions to your furnace to determine the proper maintenance steps.


– Replacement filter
– Screwdriver
– Vacuum cleaner

Step 1: Shut off the furnace.

Locate the emergency switch for your furnace. Flip the switch to the “off” position to shut off the furnace.
Flip the switch to the

Step 2: Remove the filter cover door.

Following the instructions for your furnace, unscrew or unsnap the filter door on the air duct housing that covers the filter.
Remove the filter door.

Step 3: Pull out the filter.

With the door off, slide out the filter.
Slide out the old filter.

Step 4: Clean or replace the old filter.

With the filter out, you have a choice. You can use a vacuum to clean the old filter. If it’s made of plastic filtration material, you can also wash it and reuse it. However, you may wish to buy a replacement filter, which is inexpensive. Slide the new or cleaned filter into the furnace, making sure to read any markings on the filter side to ensure proper installation.
Slide the new filter in place.

Step 5: Replace the filter door and turn the furnace on.

Screw or snap the filter door back into place. Flip the emergency switch to the “on” position. Your furnace will now be operating at a more efficient level.
Screw the filter door back on.