Stop digging around in those cluttered drawers and cabinets! Save yourself from searching for the seldom-used items in your home by turning to the iPhone. Its applications are now replacing real-life household tools. Here are 11 things you can get rid of and replace with iPhone applications.

1) Tea timer: 30 sec.- 15 min.
2) Level: Used for recreational purposes only. There are several modes included (landscape, etc.).
3) Tape measure: Not the most accurate at short distances, but it can be combined with GPS to measure very long distances.
4) Flashlight: Includes different colors and SOS signals.
5) Dice bag: In case it is game night.
6) Writing pad: Turns your handwriting into text.
7) Self-defense alarm.
8) Shopping list: Includes over 200 popular grocery items that can be checked off when found.
9) Handheld recorder: Unleashing the spy in all of us.
10) Abacus.
11) Whoopie cushion: Choose from 10 different rude sounds (strictly for work purposes).

Credit: “11 iPhone Apps that Will Clean Out Your Junk Drawer”