Are you a DIYer looking for electric radiant floors? I have been—and what a confusing product to shop for. I am in the process of finishing my basement and have looked at all sorts of heating systems. My criteria for this system is that it must be: affordable, relatively easy for a DIYer to install and a system that would produce comfortable heat, zone control and more. Electric radiant seemed to fit the bill, but which product to choose? This can be a confusing process since there are so many types—120v vs. 240v, mats vs. cables, programmability vs. no programmability—and the list is long. After shopping and researching for some time, I stumbled across EZ Floor Heat. This site didn’t convey a strong brand that I like to see when making a purchase online but the price was right. I decided that I should at least call before ruling them out. What a great experience it was speaking with one of their service technicians. He made this decision a no-brainer for me. With his detailed explanations about the twin cable system (canceling virtually all EMF), amperage usage and electrical needs, analysis of my rooms and the systems that would work the best, I decided to make the purchase. I got all this great service and he didn’t even know where I worked. Nice work, EZ Floor Heat. After the installation is complete, I will report back with the results.