We’ve documented the surge of interest in small wind power generators, but would you buy a wind turbine at a hardware store? Homeowners will soon have that option as EarthTronics will be selling turbines designed to operate with low winds at Ace Hardware stores in October for $4,500. The 95 pound turbine is designed to generate electricity with winds as low as two miles per hour and can be mounted on a roof, chimney or attached to a pole. In an area with a good breeze, the turbine can generate 2,000 kilowattt-hours in a year, approximately 15-20% of the annual electricity consumed by the average U.S. home. How much this would save you would depend on where you live in the country but it’s safe to say it would take many years before the savings would pay for the cost of the wind turbine. If cost savings are the primary objective, homeowners would be advised to investigate available federal, state and utility incentive plans before making the full investment to be sure the payback is worth of the upfront cost.

Credit: CNet news article