Feeling that Holiday spirit of giving? Not sure who to help? Well look no further. We’re highlighting 10 worthy, national charities and encouraging everyone to give what they can.

Welcome to the fifth installment in our 10-part Charity Blog Series. We applaud the movements across America that work to prevent homelessness and help low-income families. Keeping folks and families in homes and building affordable housing for the less affluent is noble work, to be sure. But what happens when that affordable house starts showing its age? After all, no home is immune to wear and tear. This is where Rebuilding Together steps in.

Another national charity and a five-consecutive-year recipient of the Charity Navigator’s 4-star rating, Rebuilding Together is dedicated to providing “free rehabilitation and critical repairs to the homes of low-income Americans.” Some charities build homes. Rebuilding Together makes sure those homes stay inhabitable.

Rebuilding Together’s list of national initiatives includes:

– National Rebuilding Day: A national event in April that sees hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the country repair and restore houses and nonprofit facilities.

– Safe at Home: addressing home repair issues that pose a possible safety concern to the homeowners.

– Gulf Coast Operations: Rebuilding low-income houses in the Hurricane Katrina-devasted areas of Mississippi, Louisiana and South Texas.

– Veterans Housing: Increasing accessibility for active and retired service members and veterans.

A few more equally worthy initiatives round out the Rebuilding Together group of national movements, all with a focus on home rehabilitation, home repair and keeping homes safe for low-income families.

To strengthen the Rebuilding Together cause, individuals can either donate, start an affiliate or contact your Congressperson or Senator to make them aware of all the good work that Rebuilding Together is accomplishing.

Don’t wait! Get involved now! Help Rebuilding Together keep communities intact and strong.

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