Scrambling with some last-minute shopping? Fret no more–we have picked out a few choice items from our Holiday Gift Guide that are available at national store chains or for sale online with 1-day shipping. All you have to do is drive there, purchase and wrap or–even easier–browse, click and BOOM! Shopping done.

1) Yes, we’ve hyped the Propane Gauge a little bit, but what can we say?

Propane Gauge

It’s a must-have for any barbecuing enthusiast. Imagine never running out of gas just as the grill marks are settling in. Or better yet, imagine running out of gas with 20+ hungry guests expecting your famous blue-cheese burgers and grilled zucchini slices. Scary thought, right? For $25, that situation can be avoided forever.



Sockets are kind of like pairs of socks. The one you want can never be found. With the ReadyWrench, your loved one can replace that maddeningly incomplete socket set with just one hand tool, complete with 16 socket sizes. $30. Holster not included.

3) Every winter I curse the cold Canadian air blowing down from the north. I know I’m not alone.

Heated Gloves

For that loved one with extra-sensitive extremities, consider gifting this pair of battery-operated Heated Gloves. $50 for warm hands in the dead of winter? Yes, please.

4) If traditional corks have been replaced by “fakes,” shouldn’t the traditional corkscrew follow?

Electric Rabbit Corkscrew

Enter the Electric Rabbit Corkscrew. No more hand twisting, pulling, or tugging of any kind. The corkscrew locks into the bottle and pulls the cork straight out–real or plastic–in seconds. Because not all good things should be waited for.

5) “Do all” tools are sometimes regarded with healthy skepticism by handy folk.

Dremel Oscillating Multi-Max

Every now and then, though, a multi-tool comes along with serious cred. The Dremel Oscillating Multi-Max walks that walk, swapping project hats with ease to tackle all the cutting, grinding, scraping and sanding that your fixer-upper can throw at it. Just don’t plan on seeing its gift recipient for some time, at least until after a few test runs.

6) Last-minute shopping never looked–or felt–so thoughtful. This brushed nickel showerhead from Moen (pictured above) can wash away all those Holiday stresses in 7 different spray pattern ways, and it will look good doing it, too. A spiral-pattern spray face ensures that the whole body is enveloped in water–regardless of the setting. An easy-to-use spray selector quickly changes the showerhead from “Relaxing,” to “Invigorating, to “targeted massage, to any of the other four settings and back again. No wonder it’s part of the Inspire line. You’ll look inspired, too, for picking it up as a last-minute gift for your loved one. Available at Lowes for just under $50.

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