A friend of mine shares some fears with his wife of certain aspects of modern technology. Although they both have cell phones, they keep them well clear of their heads when not in use, lest the theories linking cell phones to cancer are proved true. They also refuse to own a microwave, for similar reasons. When I stay with them, all leftovers are heated in the pan or in the oven. It takes a while before we eat, but we pass by the time by holding conversation over the rumbling of stomachs.

This mobile appliance is definitely NOT for them.

A first of its kind, the WaveBox is a portable microwave. That’s right, nuking has gone mobile.

The compact cooker (it measures less than a cubic foot in size) can be powered three different ways: using a normal outlet (120v AC), directly connected to a 12-volt vehicle or boat battery, or using an in-vehicle power outlet (rated at 20 amps or higher). No joke, folks — you don’t even HAVE to wait to get back home before enjoying that gas station-bought Hot Pocket. Cook using three preset buttons or the familiar time cook option.

The units currently retail for $200, which is a bit steep for a microwave. Still, you can use it in your car! Did I mention that already?

Not surprisingly, some of the marketing is focusing on contractors, who tend to find themselves on job sites with no way to re-heat last night’s spaghetti. I’d say any professional who works on-site or on the go will find the WaveBox pretty handy.

One thing to consider: as mentioned, powering the WaveBox through a vehicle’s power socket only works if the socket is rated at 20 amps or higher. Check to make sure your vehicle is a match before buying the WaveBox — many vehicle auxiliary power outlets are rated below 20 amps.

Would you buy a WaveBox?