I love when science gets put to good use for the benefit of homeowners. If it’s not putting space shuttle technology into our walls, it’s finding better ways to kill ants.

Nature-Cide’s latest line of natural insecticides might not be a triumph of the latest scientific discovery, but it is putting old science to good use. I’m talking about a good ole, all-natural mix of cedar oil and cinnamon to kill those rampaging ants in your home.

Nature-Cide’s fumes are toxic to ants upon contact, and since all ants breathe through their bodies, a quick squirt should do it. How do the ants die? According to the literature, the ants “are quickly overwhelmed and become impaired. If no escape is available, they exhaust themselves to death, simple as that.” And if escape IS available, they run like mad back to the colony where they tell their fellow workers, “You are NOT going to believe what just happened to me.”

Actually, the Nature-Cide also causes the ants to prematurely molt, or shed their exoskeleton, which then causes death. Fascinating, and a little morbid. Personally, I think there are more creative ways to bring about ant death. I’d like to see an insecticide that causes ants to either spontaneously combust or bite their own thorax off. Because insect eradication should be entertaining, too.

How have you dealt with an ant problem in the past?