Few people have the luxury of undertaking a kitchen remodel without first establishing a budget. For most, the remodel can’t happen without one.

But coming up with a budget is challenging, particularly for those without remodeling experience. Sure, you may know what you have to spend on the total project, but how do you allocate those funds? Most kitchen remodels are going to require x amount of dollars on essentials, like drywall repair, plumbing, permits and demolition. This cuts into your budget and affects what can be spent on the beautification items like cabinets and countertops. How do you determine those costs?

Where does a homeowner start?

The Kitchen Budgeter, that’s where. We at Renovate Your World have put together the ultimate kitchen remodel budgeting tool to help homeowners who are looking to remodel their kitchen. By answering a series of 10 easy questions (which include anything from “how long will you be living in your home” to “how much do you have to spend on your project”) you’ll be given a budget breakdown for essential line items. You’ll see both a dollar amount and a percentage value (of your total budget) for all the important project costs, like appliances, design, paint and more.

A slider tool for each item allows you to allocate more or less money to any facet of the project. Want to spend a little more on countertops? Adjust the slider to the right and see how it affects your budget. Decide you don’t need those high-end cabinets? Make the adjustment and see how much you stand to save. You’ll also get handy tips for each project category as well as links to additional helpful resources and Inspiration Galleries.

The Kitchen Budgeter is a great tool for anyone looking to remodel their kitchen–from those who want to DIY it start to finish to those who plan to use a professional designer throughout the process.

What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Renovate Your World Kitchen Budgeter