Who says Black Friday has to be a day in November, or even just one day, for that matter?

Not Home Depot.

In a move that smacks of marketing genius (as in a ploy to get us to spend more money), Home Depot has decided to hold their Black Friday in the spring. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve expanded their day of deals from a single day to an unspecified length of time, like a weekend. Wait, it gets better/more confusing. Home Depot Black Friday (or Black Weekend, or whatever it should be called) will fall on different dates, depending on which market/region you are in. In the Southern and Western states, for example, it started yesterday.

Sounds like a confusing and pretty run-of-the-mill spring sale, if you ask me.

Still, a sale is a sale, and a DIYer or home improving type can find some good deals during this Spring-Christmas Kick-off, mainly on outdoor-related products like grills, patio sets, lawn care items and the like.

So check your local Home Depot for Black Friday details and report back to us if the deals are anything like those you find on the real Black Friday. For advanced warning, go to their store locater to enter your zip and find out when Black Friday HD style is coming to your area.

Are you going to check out the Spring Black Friday? What are you looking to buy this spring?

Home Depot