Think your backyard is cool? Take a look at this guy’s.

These light fixtures for a backyard putting green were a candidate for our upcoming Outdoor Lighting Gallery. Although the company will install the illumination for your at-home golf course, our goal is to inspire readers towards the attainable… thus, this particular project fell to the cutting room floor… where I snatched it up.

It’s too good not to be seen by the world.

The lights are from Unique Lighting’s Augusta line of outdoor lighting fixtures, which are used to illuminate from within the holes, enabling putting practice at any hour of the day. Actually, the light is built right into the hole, pointing up to illuminate the hole and the flag.

You can get more details on the product here.

As added entertainment for the blog, I’ve come up with a joke:

Q: How many lights does it take to illuminate a backyard putting green?

A: Fore!

Yeah, I know. Stick to straight blogging, Ben.

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Unique Lighting