Just when we thought the world was getting a little greener… In their quest to cement our nation at the top of the Most Wasteful Countries list, Kleenex has just introduced their latest disposable product, the Kleenex Hand Towel.

Who needs fluffy, color-coordinated cloth hand towels for the bathroom when you can pull a one-time use disposable bathroom hand towel from the dispenser to dry your wet hands? That’s right: your bathroom is no longer your bathroom. It is a restroom.

What I loved most about the announcement of the product is that the Kleenex Hand Towel was called an “innovative solution.” No, it’s not innovative. You took something that existed already in public restrooms and re-packaged it for residential use.

Here’s what really gets me: Kleenex is marketing this product to germ-concious moms who just can’t be sure if the cotton hand towel is clean. How would the towel get dirty in the first place? Aren’t the hands that dry themselves on the towel wet from being washed? Come on, Kleenex. Toilet paper and tissues are bad enough for our landfills. Must you complete the triumvirate?

The worst part is, people will buy it. In their preliminary testing, more than 90 percent of test consumers reacted favorably towards the product and two thirds said they would substitute the disposable hand towels over the more environmentally-friendly cotton alternative. So we are doomed.

The Kleenex Hand Towel will be available this month and will retail for $3.00 for a box of 60 towels.

Would you go with disposable over cotton?